Juvenile Law

Legal Representation for Juveniles in Criminal Matters

If your child is charged with a crime in juvenile court, it is important to secure skilled representation. While many offenses can seem minor, convictions can pose serious consequences for your child and his or her future as well as for a parent. We seek to minimize the negative impact juvenile proceedings can have on your child and your family.

Legal Representation for Parents and Children in DHS Cases

Anyone can report a parent to the Department of Human Services if they suspect abuse or neglect. DHS then has the responsibility to investigate. While not all investigations lead to juvenile court involvement, it is wise to consult an attorney as soon as possible to protect your parental rights. If DHS finds that abuse or neglect has occurred in your home, it can negatively affect your relationship with your child and could ultimately lead to a termination of parental rights. We aim to provide you with guidance through the investigation process as well as through the juvenile court proceedings if abuse or neglect is founded.

Legal Representation for Children in Divorce and Custody Proceedings

Custody determinations have a long lasting impact on a child’s life. Parents involved in divorce or custody proceedings often feel as though their child’s voice is not being heard or that their best interests are being ignored. In such cases, an attorney or Guardian ad Litem can be appointed by the Court to represent your child and their wishes. As your child’s attorney, we will zealously advocate for your child’s wishes. As Guardian ad Litem, we are responsible for advocating for your child’s best interest, which may or may not align with their wishes. Regardless of our role, we will investigate the facts and circumstances of each individual case in order to adequately represent your child or their best interests on these very important issues.